Career Launch

This fun and exciting program prepares teens for the working world. Club teens 13-18 years old embark on a journey to explore careers, make sound educational decisions and find success in the world of work. The program, sponsored by Gap Foundation, contains 22 competency based, small-group activities that are organized into four units.  The Career Launch program was developed tointroduce young people to the "working world.” The program provides a range of services to help Club members develop skills essential for workforce success. Additionally, it allows them the opportunity to explore various careers based on their interests and talents, and determine the corresponding educational path they would need to pursue.

TheCareer Launch program has two components: career exploration and job readiness.  Be sure to visit the CareerLaunch website for other useful tools. 

Club Tech

The Club Tech program provides curriculum and activities that teach members crucial technology skills to help them advance their academic success and to be prepared to be caring and productive citizens. 

The Club Tech program offers more than 20 curriculums, resources and training experiences to enhance learning and skill development in areas such as basic software skills, networking, movie production, robotics, game design and staff training.

Graduate for Mas

Graduate for Más is a historic, Movement-wide teen initiative supported by Taco Bell in partnership with Boys & Girls Clubs of America (BGCA) to ensure teens make the commitment to graduate from high school with a plan for the future. 

Taco Bell Foundation for Teens has partnered with BGCA for nearly 20 years, providing generous funding in support of Keystone Clubs and building teen centers. The Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Gaston has received a generous grant to support its implementation of the Graduate for Mas program. Together, we are embarking on the next generation of our partnership standing shoulder to shoulder for teens through the launch of Graduate for Más, a platform that will help Clubs serve more teens, more often and providing support and resources to teens on their path to graduation and achieving más in life. 


Junior Staff: Cultivating Tomorrow's Club Professionals Today

Junior Staff is a program that assists Club members ages 13 to 18 explore a career in youth or human services, particularly Boys & Girls Club work. Young people prepare for future roles as human services professionals by participating in career development activities, discovering the importance of community service, building customer service skills and completing a Club apprenticeship.

Money Matters: Make it Count

The Money Matters program uses interactive activities to educate teens, ages 13 to 18, on critical aspects of financial literacy, including managing a checking account, budgeting, saving, avoiding debt, investing and paying for college. BGCA collaborated with the Charles Schwab Foundation to develop Money Matters. Through the program, we hope to arm teens with the tools they need to become financially savvy adults.  This program helps drive positive outcomes for youth in the academic success outcome area by encouraging the following three behavior-changing goals:

Budgeting: Maximizing revenue, planning ahead, setting goals and living within one's means.

 Saving: Investing in one's own future and leveraging short-term behaviors to inspire life-changing long-term outcomes.

Planning for College: Recognizing post-secondary education as a financially attainable goal that can have a dramatic impact on increased earning potential. 

The Money Matters website offers teens an engaging online tool for building their money management knowledge and skills through interactive activities, games and tools like a savings and financial aid calculator to plan for college.

Power Hour: Making Minutes Count

Power Hour helps drive positive outcomes for youth in the area of academic success by extending learning beyond the school day. It offers a structured time and place for Club staff and volunteers to help members complete their homework – and start each school day better prepared and with a sense of confidence and competence. As members complete homework assignments and participate in fun, hands-on activities that reinforce their learning, they earn Power Points that they can redeem for incentive prizes and special privileges. In addition, Power Hour offers small-group or one-on-one tutoring assistance for members identified as needing additional help with specific subjects or skills.

Project Learn

Project Learn reinforces and enhances the skills and knowledge young people learn at school during the hours they spend at the Club. This comprehensive program strategy is based on Dr. Reginald Clark's research showing that students do much better in school when they spend their non-school hours engaged in fun, but academically beneficial, activities. Through Project Learn, Club staff use all the areas and programs in the Club to create opportunities for these high-yield learning activities, which include leisure reading, writing activities, discussions with knowledgeable adults, helping others, homework help and tutoring and games like Scrabble that develop young people's cognitive skills. Project Learn also emphasizes parent involvement and collaboration between Club and school professionals as critical factors in creating the best after-school learning environment for Club members ages 6-18.